In the spring of 2005, my wife and I were driving home. Somewhat matter of factly, Julie said "We should open a gym" (officially my wife's idea). She had been driving our daughters more than ten miles from our Troy home to other gyms and spoke with many other parents of gymnasts who all agreed that it would be cool to have a gym in our own backyard.  My response to Julie was, "What do we know about gymnastics?" She said she knew a couple of coaches who seemed interested in starting a gym and knew the gymnastics side and that I could run the business side.


We met with those coaches and came up with a business plan. I immediately researched and visited about 100 empty warehouses in our area. Our current location was one of the first buildings that I saw and we liked it, but we wanted to be sure. We liked the general location, size, layout, high ceilings, natural light, not to mention being on a major thoroughfare. We put in an offer in September 2005 and officially purchased the building the day before Thanksgiving.


In just two short months, we fully renovated the lobby, bathrooms, ventilation, heat, ac, lighting, fire suppression, parking and more.  We purchased what felt like more than enough equipment and fully cleaned the building which used to be a dirty and smelly machine shop.  It took more than a thousand gallons of paint, 15,000 pounds of carpet and many long hours to bring the facility to life.


This is what the gym looked like in the beginning when we opened on January 28th, 2006:


As you can see we have made a few additions to our equipment!

Preschool Gym

Main Gym

Boys Area

Floor Gym


It is our 4th Anniversary!

We celebrated with a Pit Party!  The new foam is here!


We made plans in the last half of 2012 to expand TG's facility, anticipating a rising interest in gymnastics following the London Olympics and nearing capacity in our current building. The expansion involved renovating a former garage next door into a 10,000 square foot building with two brand-new gyms, investing $200,000 in new equipment, and adding 40 more parking spaces.


TG West opened on September 4, 2012, and hasn’t stopped rocking since! The new rec gym (“The Treehouse”) accommodates TG’s girls’ rec program. TG’s preschoolers now practice their skills in a bigger and better gym (“The Castle”). Both new gyms offer above-ground foam pits, along with the fun and quality instruction TG students and their families have come to expect from us.


We anticipated correctly – enrollment for Fall Session 1 in 2012 skyrocketed over 40 percent from 2011 and continues to climb throughout Session 2. We credit this growth to a combination of the fantastic customer response to TG West, as well as increased attention to the sport in the wake of American success in the 2012 Olympics.


Come check it out! We are tumbling in great directions!

Treehouse Gym

TG 1 & 2

Castle Gym


On October 21, 2013, we opened TG 3 at 1921 Northwood. This 42,000 square foot facility now houses TG’s competitive program, including Girls, Boys, and TNT. Double the size of TG’s original building, TG 3 contains four times the pit space, four in-ground trampolines, three spring floors, 17 sky lights, 400 linear feet of viewing areas and state-of-the-art equipment.


Tiny Geniuses is the newest program offered at Troy Gymnastics.


Troy Gymnastics (TG1) opened in 2006. The gym was such a success that they opened their second building (TG2) in 2012, specifically designed to teach gymnastics to children ages 1 to 5 years.  In October of 2013, Troy Gymnastics expanded once again opening a 42,000 sq ft facility for its gymnastic teams (TG3) in addition to the 2 other gymnastic facilities in the area.  The space inside of TG3 was so fabulous, that Troy Gymnastics decided to offer 4,000+ sq ft to house a fully licensed daycare and preschool - us!  Tiny Geniuses Preschool & Daycare (TGPD).



We are continually making updates to keep our gym fresh and fun for everyone to enjoy.


Thank you for visiting our facility, we hope you love it!


Toby and Julie


Our mission is to put kids first. Our safe and fun staff allow each child to develop in the sport of gymnastics.  Gymnastics is more than just a sport - we teach each child more about:

Work ethic, coordination, confidence, goal setting and much more.


We will always strive to be family friendly, providing positive coaching in our fully updated clean 82,000 sq. ft. facility.  We hope our kids and their parents enjoy the state of the art equipment, four viewing areas, and excellent location.


Whether your girl or boy wants to tumble, cheer, enjoy one of our birthday parties, field trips, or is interested in competitive or recreational gymnastics, we hope that you agree Troy Gymnastics is the best gym in Michigan!

Troy Gymnastics