Heather M.- Director


Lauren T. - All Groups

Daniel N. - Groups B & C

Jillian S. - All Groups

Emily R. - Groups D & E

Jamie M. - Groups G, F, C

Krissy M. - Groups D & E

Camden K. - Groups G, F Assistant



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The USAG JO T&T competitive team is made up of Levels 1-Elite. Gymnasts competing Levels 1-7 are members of our compulsory team. These levels are progressive in nature building on the skills required at the previous levels. The compulsory levels provide a foundation of discipline, strong basic skills, and teamwork.  T&T Athletes can compete a different level on each event so athletes are placed into a "group" with similar levels for their season.  Athletes must reach a USAG JO mobility score in order to move up a level on an apparatus.  Levels 1-7 make up our developmental program and compete in a mixture of fun meets and sanctioned meets.  Levels 8-Elite is comprised of athletes who begin working on "optional" skills for the first time through individualized routines.  These athletes perform on the state, regional and national levels.



You can email Heather any time at with questions.

You should notify Heather a minimum of 60 days prior if you can't attend a mandatory competition.

Schedules for each competition are emailed out 2-10 days prior to competition.

Parents may not email or call host gyms and facilities.

 Please be patient with this process. We email you AS SOON as we receive it.


Troy T&T Levels 7-10 took first place on 37 of 43 events and placed on the podium in all events they were entered into for State Meet 2017.

We have 15 athletes attending regionals this weekend in Evansville, IN and 19 athletes qualified/attending nationals in Madison, WI.

TG T&T had 19 athletes attend USTA Nationals in 2017. We had 18 finish in the Top with 6 in the Top 3!

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Troy Gymnastics


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